We offer prep courses for SAT/ACT, IA entrance and a few more. Our tutors are experienced in preparing students for those, state required standardized tests. Our prep courses follow the latest test formats. Students are offered ample practice-tests before the actual one so that they face it with full confidence.


Scholastic Assessment Test or SAT and American College Testing or ACT are two most popular college readiness assessments out there. Their formats have undergone a few changes from time to time. These tests currently assess the following areas: math, reading and writing.

Word ‘test’ on blackboard

Doing well on SAT or ACT requires systematic and vigorous practice. The earlier students start preparing themselves, the better. Our mock tests help students get familiar with the actual test formats and pinpoint the areas they need to improve. Our tutors make sure that students are on the same page with them and none of them is lagging behind. Our quality materials and lesson techniques walk the students through their test prep journey with maximum satisfaction.

International Academy

Getting accepted into International Academy or IA is a dream of many middle school students. This is because IA has the reputation to be the #1 high school in Michigan and one of the highest ranking IB schools in USA.

IA entrance test is easy for those who start planning ahead, not when the test is around the corner. Like any standardized test, this one requires ample understanding of grade 8 level math and English language arts. Once students start our IA prep program, they have the opportunity to express their questions and concerns in these subject areas and get guided accordingly. Our prep program is tailored in a way that students get maximum confidence on the actual test day. We have hundreds of quality practice modules and critical analysis of the answer keys. Over the years our student acceptance rate into IA has increased from 60% to 99%. Students’ appreciation encourages our tutors and team members to be more enthusiastic and helpful in preparing students.