Wiz tutoring is a tutoring company in Warren, Michigan. It started its journey in 2015. It offers tutoring service to students of grades 2 through 12. Students come to the Center to get help with MATH, ELA, BIOLOGY, PHYSICS, CHEMISTRY etc. subjects. This tutoring center also offers prep courses for SAT/ACT, PSAT and IE entrance test.

Wiz was established with the idea of making quality tutoring service more affordable to students. Its tuition has been the lowest in the city and in nearby cities from the time it began its journey.

The tutoring center has an inviting environment. The tutoring area inside is equipped with both digital and paper materials. Students find this tutoring place more engaging for the combination of both types of material. Its tutors add to it by creating maximum student participation and fun educational activities.

About the Founder

Wiz Tutoring is the brainchild of Omar Sunny Khan, an experienced math tutor living in Warren, Michigan. He is a Wayne State University graduate, who has been tutoring school and college students for more than a decade in Warren and other cities. He is favorite with his students for his way of tutoring, his dedication as a teacher and his down to earth personality. Mr. Khan has been always there to help struggling students to the best of his ability. He, in his tutoring center also offers free extra tutoring help to students who are not well off. Mr. Khan would always want to see Wiz Tutoring as a quality tutoring place with a very low tuition.